How to Make CBD Oil | A Cautionary Tale

So you’ve heard about CBD and are interested in checking out all of its promised healing benefits. Kudos to you for embracing a natural compound that many believe can do great things at an individual level and perhaps even at a societal level.

These days, all sorts of products have CBD in them, from popcorn to milk. CBD products also can be found in herbal supplements, CBD tinctures, and more. In some cases, the exact amount and form aren’t specified, and there may also be other additives, which unfortunately creates a “buyer beware” situation.

So many unknowns about what’s in some CBD products have led some states to declare bans on all CBD ingredients in food and beverage products, such as Washington, New York, and California. However, there are some exceptions: non-food items such as CBD tinctures can still be found in some places. Some states that allow legal cannabis can offer CBD products at cannabis dispensaries since these products usually go through more rigid testing and quality control.

The crackdown on CBD products follows a larger ban in several states on certain vaping products. These alerts were triggered by a series of deaths and severe respiratory system damages by vape users across the country. Eventually, various investigations and testing revealed that many users had consumed black market vape cartridges containing potentially deadly additives.

This closer look at the contaminants contained in vaping ingredients revealed other flaws in our current regulatory systems including poor oversight, unknown reactions when certain metals and ingredients can combine, and poor sourcing of raw products. It has also caused many consumers and retailers to be extra careful in their sources of their CBD.

Although most CBD oils and extracts start as cannabis plants or hemp plants, there’s currently plenty of ways for unknown ingredients to be entered in the growing, extraction or processing stage. Various pesticides or growth agents could benefit the plant and increase certain properties but contaminants can also slip into items like CBD oils if proper sanitation and safety protocols aren’t followed.

Quality control and safe ingredients are something that commercial producers and processors take seriously, but black market CBD producers and processors may be less interested in following regulations and only hoping to make a profit.

Like the vaping ban, CBD professionals encourage consumers and manufacturers to look for quality first when seeking a trusted CBD supplier.

What to look for

Consider working with companies that are upfront in explaining their process of growing, harvesting, extracting and packaging of their CBD products. The best CBD manufacturer should be known for:

  • Complete disclosures of any chemicals or products used in the growing process such as fertilizers, nutrients, preservatives or soil additives.
  • Transparent information available upon request about each plant, including where it was grown and when it was harvested.
  • Details on various compounds in the plant strain, including the percentage of CBD and THC. This could be critical since commercial CBD must have a threshold of .3 percent or less THC. (Some tests have shown that some commercial CBD has higher amounts of THC, less CBD than promised or even other heavy metals.)
  • Records of regular third-party product testing, which can be done voluntarily especially if a particular state or municipality doesn’t require this for licensed CBD producers/processors.
  • Certification for processes and extracts of CBD oil in high-grade clean rooms. The current standard is ISO 9001, which certifies that the location adheres to pharmaceutical-grade standards of cleanliness.
  • Can provide a Certificate of Authenticity that shows that product and processors have been marked as consistent.

GRN CBD is one provider that takes its responsibility to its customers seriously, which means making sure all of its premium CBD tinctures, oils and gummies are pure and free of any contaminants. Our goal is to be a trusted brand for any CBD products.

We take pride in meeting or even exceeding the standards for an ISO 9001 cleanroom which means we put care and attention into the quality of our products.

Since 2016, GRN has lived up to its mission and reputation of being a safe and trusted CBD brand and oil manufacturer.

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